B&B Merulana Suite 1

The heart of Rome

The best part of my job is when I come back on my bike and, looking at the Colosseum, I know that I have helped to making known the wonders Rome.

We have been doing this activity for eight years, we like to think of ourselves as little concierge who try somehow to be together with our guests in the Roman experience by giving the best authentic indications.

Our structures are continually updated with all the comforts to welcome you after the Roman walks.

The MerulanaSuite represents the beginning of our experience in the hospitality.

It is about 800 meters from the Colosseum and 200 meters from the most useful tourist line.

It is about ten minutes walk from Termini Station.

For this structure, before you even talk about the monuments and cultural beauties of the neighborhood, you have to open a parenthesis on a 102-year-old restaurant, old Rome, where you can taste the very famous amatriciana flambè (we will give you more hunger in describing it personally).


To return to the Roman charm and culture, you can start by reaching the Coliseum in a unique way through Oppio Hill Park, which preserves Nero's Domus Aurea in the basement.

You can notice the Cistern of the Seven Saltworks which could contain 8 million liters of thermal water, just as Traiano had wanted to build its baths.

If you are already tired, you can take a break at the park bar where an old lady will serve you coffee, adding a particularity and a Roman spirit to the panorama.

From the park, you can start walking around the Fori Imperiali and you will find most of the Roman beauties within walking distance.

We will be happy to personally give you this and countless other information.

Rome has several layers like a tiramisu, each layer represents a distant time.

We will try to add flavor to your stay.