Merulana Suite Apartment

Close to the Colosseum

The most beautiful part of my job is when I come back on my bike and, looking at the Colosseum, know that I have contributed to making known the wonders of Rome.

We have been doing this activity for eight years, we like to think of ourselves as little Concierge who try to accompany our customers in the Roman experience with the best genuine suggestions.

Our facilities are continually updated with all the comforts to welcome you after the Roman walks.

The MerulanaSuite Apartment are holiday homes that stand on Via del Colosseo exactly in Via Labicana.

The beautiful building of the 1800s, originally built as a convent, is the setting for the apartments, as evidenced by the construction documents signed by King Vittorio Emanuele the Second.


Next to the palace are the remains of the pagan Temple dedicated to the Goddess Isis.

Getting around

Continuing the walk, guided by the imposing presence of the Colosseum, you can make a small detour to explore the Catholic Basilica of St. Clemente built in 1200 and hiding in its lower levels a journey that can take us back another 1000 years passing through an ancient Roman house and ending at the third underground level where the temple of Mitra rises, God of the sun according to an ancient pagan cult.


A few minutes away you have the opportunity to visit San Giovanni, which was for a long time the main church of the Vatican, the impressive facade is the result of the restoration of great masters such as Borromini (who even there did not find peace to his rivalry with Bernini, even ending accused of murder).

We will be happy to give you these and other innumerable indications in person.

Rome is so full of splendor that sometimes the best thing to do is get lost in the alleys waiting for a small or big masterpiece to enrich the journey.

The apartments