The living room of Rome

MerulanaSuite Navona is a holiday home set in a building dating back to 1400 and one of the oldest in the historic center.

Despite being in the heart of Roman tourism in the street below, browsing antique dealers and craftsmen, you can breathe the true life of Rome that recalls an ancient charm of the last century,when Piazza dell'Orologio and its tower built by the architect Borromini was still called Piazza dei Rigattieri.

Just a stone's throw from the apartment is the majestic Castel Sant Angelo, a fortress that defended the popes in time of war and offers with its terrace an incredible view that you may be able to enjoy a prosecco taken at the terrace bar.


In the opposite direction, about 600 meters away, you will be amazed by the beauty of Piazza Navona, formerly known as the Domitian Sports Stadium, which was not particularly popular at the time, as the Roman people largely preferred the gladiators Del Colosseo and the bigot of Circus Maximus.

Telling the story of the fountains and the church of Piazza Navona would need more than 1000 pages.

It may be important to know and read more about the baroque period that characterizes the entire square and which, in the past, represented a revolution of colors, filling the masterpieces that we are reached in the brightest hues and stones and which were the center of the dispute between the two great architects and sculptors Borromini and Bernini.

We will suggest these indications and innumerable indications in person.

Rome is a state of mind, a whole life is probably not enough to visit everything, relax, hold the map and try to grasp its essence.